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“Playing” with the politics of bisexual identity

Calling it a game is probably a stretch, but there are a few choices in “What’s in a name?”  The interactive vignette explores the difficulties of trying to create identities that don’t fit binary categories of gay/straight.  Check it out.


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Having a female voice in video games

Having a female voice in online games

VG Researcher points out an interesting article here (in press, so take it as you will) in which it was discovered that while playing online multiplayer games, prerecorded female voices get more responses (and more hostility/negative responses) than prerecorded male voices.


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Don’t want to alarm you…

But SD is not a progressive state.  It’s a place where you can sue someone for stealing your spouse as though they were your property.  So it shouldn’t surprise me when they do things like this.  But I’m still pissed.

As reported in the Rapid City Journal, HB 1237 would grant doctors immunity from liability if they “Refuse to perform a surgical or medical procedure to terminate ‘the life an unborn human being,'” or in cases where “a child is born with ‘a physical illness, disease, congenital anomaly, or physical or mental disability’ and the mother could have terminated the pregnancy had she known.”

This bill says that if your doctor decides not to tell you that your fetus has some problem, and because of that lack of information you don’t decide to terminate, then they are within their rights.  I can not imagine any doctor actually being willing to accept that, since it violates the most basic principles of informed consent, but if there are any (and the bill gets anywhere), they could come to SD.  Then, they don’t have to tell you anything about your baby they don’t want to.  Hooray!


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Test Post

The first official test post for Sociological Avenger!


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