Having a female voice in video games

Having a female voice in online games

VG Researcher points out an interesting article here (in press, so take it as you will) in which it was discovered that while playing online multiplayer games, prerecorded female voices get more responses (and more hostility/negative responses) than prerecorded male voices.



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2 responses to “Having a female voice in video games

  1. I thought the comic at the beginning of the article was hilarious. I read it a while ago, but didn’t quite know what to make of it. I would of guessed more responses, but more hostility surprised me. Most little things like this probably don’t have a good explanation, but it was interesting.

  2. It’s hard to say without having seen the content of the responses in detail, but it’s probably some combination of anger at the female voice not being interested in the male gamers sexually, disproportional criticism for “her” play style (e.g. you play like a girl, girls suck at this, etc.) and a more general pushing out of the “other” from a masculine realm (e.g. go play The Sims, why aren’t you on pintrest, etc.) At least, that’s what happens in other domains.

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